Power Wiring

Matlock Electric’s expert electricians have experience in the industrial market and know the proper techniques required for industrial wiring. Due to the complexity of industrial electrical wiring, it is important that the job is done by a professional who can ensure the installation is completed with the highest degree of care. Our team can help make your industrial building a safer and more efficient place to work in.

Control Wiring

The installation of an electric control system allows you to run your commercial property, and everything within it, on your own. Matlock Electric’s electricians will explain what is required to run your commercial property’s control system, and then we will demonstrate how you can properly monitor your property. This will help you maintain control over your property to ensure safety, as well as be as cost efficient as possible.

High Voltage Wiring

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A high voltage system is a type of polyphase system used to distribute power through electric power distribution grids. Matlock Electric’s team can assist with your high voltage wiring needs by installing a three-phase, color coded electrical system that maximizes the efficiency and reliability of your electrical power distribution.

Low Voltage Wiring

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Matlock Electric offers customized data cabling solutions and networks that can fit your unique business’s needs. Business-structured wiring systems combine your building’s structure with the latest technology not only to organize your electrical wiring, but to create a well-connected business through centralized control devices. We can show you how to take the electrical components of your building, such as a television, your phone, the internet and security cables, and distribute them throughout the entire building.

Stay up to date with the latest technology within commercial and industrial businesses and allow our team to install a system that controls electronics from any workstation.